What to Wear Riding: everyday + show

Hopefully you’ve already read the post on What to Wear Riding: footwear. This post will detail what you can wear to a riding lesson, and if you choose to show, the special “uniform” for Hunter/Jumper competitions. Everyday / Riding Lessons Horseback riding is a sport! So think about wearing flexible clothes, that allow movement, breathability,Continue reading “What to Wear Riding: everyday + show”

What to Wear Riding: footwear

Whether you want to ride English or Western, want to explore trails or stand out in the show ring (or both!), here’s a quick guide to get you started. Equestrian wear, is typically designed for your comfort in the saddle. There’s a reason schooling breeches exist, and most instructors do not recommend riding in sweatpantsContinue reading “What to Wear Riding: footwear”