Lessons and Leasing

At RH Farm, we pride ourselves on using rescue horses for all (or nearly all – depending) our riding lessons. Because of this, our program really develops true horse(wo)manship and both feel and understanding for the equine experience. We have differently skilled horses for all levels of riders, beginner through advanced, and believe that each horse has something valuable to teach us.

Both English and Western lessons are taught with a focus on muscle building, balance, and coordination between seat, hands and legs. Our focus is to maintain a positive learning atmosphere, with the students’ success (however they define it) and safety as priority.

Younger riders are featured in our photos here, but we have equestrians of all ages and genders from as young as 4, to 64 and up!

Lesson Rates

Lesson includes grooming and tack up time until students can comfortably catch and tack up the horse on their own. Only then are they encouraged to come early so more time can be spent in the saddle.

Students must be able to walk, trot and steer confidently on their own before joining a group.

Leasing Rates

Leasing a horse is a great way to step up commitment on your riding journey without the full cost and liability of owning your own horse. Riders at a certain level may lease a horse to ride on their own several times a week, and use that horse in lessons as well.

PARTIAL LEASE // $200 per month
Lease includes 2 free rides per week, lessons not included.

FULL LEASE // $350 per month
Lease includes 4 free rides per week, lessons not included.

Trail Program

We have acres of trails that follow the perimeter of our property. We conduct a simple “trail test” for any rider who would like to ride on their own without an instructor, to make sure they can control a horse should unforeseen circumstances arise, and stay safe while riding at speed.

For the same price as a lesson ($40) younger students who are cantering comfortably may do a trail ride with the instructor instead of a lesson. Riders 14+ may take a “trail test”, and once passed, take out a horse for trail on their own without an instructor

Depending on skill level we may allow an experienced student to accompany a newer rider.

Boarders and approved Leasers are always welcome to take a ride on the trails anytime.

We do not provide public trail rides at this time.

Coming Soon: TRAIL CLUB


Come Ride
Our Trails!

Trail Club will be offered to current riding students and family members only!

$35 per person.

The trail will run with a guide, and be walk/trot only.