Grace is available for off-site riding lessons, groundwork or horse training lessons, haul-in training, or board & train. Let’s get your horse to be the best they can be! Our philosophy is that the horse and rider MUST be trained together – the rider needs to be able to accomplish desired tasks on their own, and learn to recognize potential issues right at the moment.

Horses are living, thinking, emotionally intelligent animals and they WILL test your leadership (sometimes in the smallest of ways). We can teach you to read your horse’s body language and intent, and how to keep your partnership in great shape!

Grace has years of experience working with abused and untrusting horses, and uses a partnership method and positive reinforcement in her training. We do not use dominance or exhaustion methods, rather, we work with the horse and build trust. We believe this produces long lasting results, and combined with training the owner/rider, both human and horse can enjoy their time together so much more!

“Grace did great working with me and my gelding. He seemed to excel under her training and I’m now much more comfortable working with him alone.”


Some trainers think that strong, aggressive methods are a shortcut, but we have personally seen the greater payoff with positive training. We produce real results just as fast with less demand, and make it easier for riders to continue the training at home.

Not sure if we can help, or want an estimate on time needed to achieve results? Just send us an email and we’ll be glad to consult on your problem.

“In just one session with Grace and 1 week of practice, I went from being unable to catch my horse to being able to walk right up to the horse, halter her any time, and pick her feet! I highly recommend Grace and RH Farm!!”



Travel fees apply depending on distance

BOARD & TRAIN // $850 per month
Your horse will be worked with 5 days a week. Does not include sessions with the rider.

MUSTANG GENTLING // $900 per month

HAUL-IN | $50 per hr
Arena or Round Pen availability depending