The Cost of Horses

To all our valued clients, volunteers and community friends:

These past few years have brought many changes to the supply chain, and we are not untouched. At the beginning of 2022 we committed to keeping our prices the same despite rising costs, however, we had expected the costs to level out. The opposite has happened, and costs of grain (feed), materials, bedding, even grass seed and fertilizer have all continued to rise.

For example, one of our grains Nutrena Fuel (a high fat feed, good for putting weight on skinny horses) was $23-$24 dollars per 50 pound package a year ago. Even at the start of the year the price had just risen to $26 per package. Now, it is nearly $30 per package depending on the supplier. Each horse eats from 6 lbs to 12 lbs per day so you can imagine how the costs add up!

While we would love to absorb all the costs and keep our rates low to benefit our students, we do not make a profit off of riding lessons. We charge simply enough to cover our costs. With that said, we are announcing that effective May 1, 2022 costs for lessons will be as follows:

$50 per hour for private lessons

$45 per hour for group lessons (2-3 riders)

Lease rides will remain $40 per hour, so no change there. Leasing per month will also remain the same for the near future.

We hope our students can continue to attend at the increased rate, but we understand if that is not the case. Thank you all for bearing with us and blessing us with your support through this trying time for all of us.

Happy trails,